On the Wings of an Angel; of Love and Light. Part 1.

To whomever read this, I give my eternal thank you’s

This is a tale of many wondrous things. It is written by a soul of the race of Man, who, being prompted by the Faer Queen Lilith (whose image was acquired by this man from a very dear friend) has re-collected things known to his soul, but not clear in his ‘mind’. Like any telling, this tale has a beginning but will never end. Neither in this world nor any other.

At once, there existed and exists still, a benign Being of such beauty and light, it defies description. I can only say it was, is, the Light of Love. This being was of the One, timeless and dimensionless, without form. This Being of Benign, ‘for the Good of All’, desired Another (A No Thing, that I cannot explain) to fulfil its very definition. And so, created Every Thing that is. It’s Light shone ‘out’ to a form without out or without in. This form is of a beauty that defies understanding, but which many of the race of Men would strive to know for themselves. Such beauty will never be subdued, for it has a Life of its own. The Light of Love, the very essence of Being, populated the Form; we would now call it the void, a poor description, cold and without beauty we Know is there.
This Light of Love resolved to become aware of its Being. The awareness was not of The One, desiring Another. It desired answers to questions that were not there. It already ‘knew’ everything the Benign Being knew. That is: what is, was and will be. Therein came the end of what Men called Eden. To achieve its task, this awareness fragmented, an ugly word for an unholy purpose. I say this, since after billions of years of our thinking, in this time frame we ‘invented’, we have not achieved our end, yet. For all our answers, worked out methodically, we continue to have more questions. And still some of Us have no faith in ‘Ourselves’. Awareness, in its ‘fragmented’ form, has become lonely. It has forgotten the We that is the Light of Love. It is confused so, for the process of fragmentation also created doubt. Doubt in its turn creates conflict, of opinion as to its purpose. Conflict is a nasty creation, the bane of humanity. Some of humanities philosophers call this conflict, Ego, which is the entity responsible for reconciling differences between consciousness and its opposite. It never agrees. It causes conflict within ourselves, and only our ‘pure’ form must win. The We that Is, must seek to be reunited with its Oneness, within the Light of Love, that Is the Light of Love. Therefore, let us seek no more answers, but seek out all of our Selves. Be re-united in the Light of Love, for if Conflict was to win we are surely doomed.
This is the end of my first Part.

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5 Responses to On the Wings of an Angel; of Love and Light. Part 1.

  1. Wonderful writing Andrew and you understand ‘Oneness’ We first must understand and seek out Self! 🙂

    • So true, my dear friend. How can we know ‘us’?By writing from the heart, we glimpse our soul, bring out our ‘true’ self and understand our journey through life to this ‘moment’. At least, that is the desired aim. If we can’t communicate our innermost feelings, in a sense, we cannot connect. We would miss out on a vital process of becoming ‘One’.
      Love to you Sue. Continue to teach us of love and true ambition.

  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Separation is the illusion of our existence. Unicity is realized truth. Have a blessed day and enjoy your lightness of being. ♥

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