Fighting for strangers.

It is ages old, some say it’s part of us: inseparable. I say: not so. We may fight, defensively, to save ourselves and those we hold dear and even strangers in danger. But for queen and country? For a religious cause? For a defined principle such as independence? Or just for the sheer hell of it. Giving Johny Foreigner a bloody nose. Well, more than that: killing, maiming, raping, pillaging. Humans have done it all for millennia.

Now we have citizens fighting in a foreign land (the Middle East) for who knows what. And why? Well, perhaps to make a statement; to fulfil a need. After all, it’s nothing new is it? Let’s look at the purpose for all this killing. Anyone else who does not share my beliefs, no matter how twisted or bizarre, deserves my wrath and a painful death. If this is part of some religious dogma, it’s not something I was taught. Anyone who does not submit to my will will suffer the consequences. No doubt that will be painful, according to said dogma. That doesn’t sound to me a compassionate part of any moral code.

I don’t wish to add more, except offer solutions. Beyond doubt, these violent desires are extreme. They are the result of our failures to find common ground. Of course there have been many injustices present and past. An awful lot not addressed. The polarity between rich and poor widens. A lot of minorities still do not have a voice; indeed some are still not even acknowledged. 

Is there not enough love, compassion and empathy between us? No. Can we find many more similarities than differences? Easily. We are one Nation, one tribe, since before religion or capitalism or any other ‘ism. God has not driven us apart, we have. This existence we share is not survival of the fittest. It is an altruistic fight for the survival of the LEAST fittest. Not for my, or your sake, but all those yet to follow us.

Love, joy and Peace, for all.


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  1. Well said, Andrew. Nice to see you back.

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