Hens teeth and the Ducks That Run You Ragged.

Hens teeth are pretty rare I must admit. Before the great dinosaur extinction, the forerunner of jungle fowl would probably have had teeth to cope with tougher vegetation and tougher insects too. I am glad to say hens and ducks devolved their teeth in favour of just beaks now. Three days ago an event happened that, even if it would not astound duck breeders, certainly wowed me. One of our ducks laid an EGG! An event that seemed as rare as hens teeth.
To give you some background, we have kept hens for about four years, and ducks for about two and a half years. We have had some ups and downs with the hens, particularly with feather pecking. I am sad to say, I have had to ‘dispatch’ four of our first hens due to their seriously disheveled state caused by a black rock hybrid, Henrieta. She really was a top pecking order bird, to the extent of mutilation, which I think may be rare. Any road, our new birds have settled and took to the ducks we later introduced like, well, ducks to water! I gave the ducks a little pond made from a wheel barrow body, then later made from a big galvanised cold water tank I removed from my loft. This pond now having flowing water pumped from a home made filter header ‘tank’ means the ducks can bathe in relatively clean water. That’s them sorted. The hens have their own chicken coop, ergonomically designed to make cleaning very easy. Sue is very fussy about their cleanliness, and the duck’s. To help the hens take their ‘minds’ off the pecking order, I arranged a little assault course for them, and made a second dust bath enclosure. Note, this has to be enclosed since the dust flies everywhere! Same with their indoor one, sheltered by their ‘overnight accommodation’ above. The hens laying bay is attached to this and accessed from the outside by a flap roof. The dear little things are very comfortable on their chopped straw bedding when they decide to lay an egg. Each hen has her own favourite spot; the problem is, they all like the same spot! Constructing dividers worked for a while, until they all reverted to their original favourites. I have seen three hens trying to get into the one division! So, back to plan A.
Night time is a bit of a routine ceremony. I like them perched up, so we can collect their droppings easily (we put newspaper down). Some, one or two, will jump up onto the perch, but the rest (we have 6 birds) won’t. So at dusk, they will wait for me to oblige, but they like to be closest to their door. Which creates a bottle neck of course. If one or two haven’t made it up the ramp before the blockage, well mostly they will hang about underneath. Having arrived to lift them all up onto their perch, I complete the job, being careful to put them in the right order. It has to be right because each may, and have, decide to swop places, nudging their neighbours out of the way. It is so comical to see! So settled, then I stroke each one and say good night.
You may think by now, I have completely lost it, but I ‘know’ they all settle better for the routine. It is easier to determine the character of each bird at this eye to eye level. A warning here, that’s not always true. Never bend down to look at a hen more closely, she may peck you in the eye! It didn’t hurt really, and I wasn’t cross with the bird. My silly fault. I should have remembered Alice Walkers accounts of keeping hens in her book ‘The Chicken Chronicles’. She Did say chickens are attracted to shiny objects, including eyes. After a visit to a fairly close hospital to test my eye for damage, I was declared fit for duty! No more temptations.
Except, that is for treats. Both the hens and ducks anticipate them whenever we are near to where we keep them i.e. the shed, making a complete racket. Dried meal worms mixed with mixed corn,layers mash and Luxury bird feed. It keeps them quiet for a while, anyway. Which reminds me, our neighbours love the sound of the hens and ducks, as do we. There is almost a language there. And they love ‘helping’ Sue to clean their homes out. They will also inspect Sue’s progress too. They are naturally curious about everything, odd noises, odd objects, odd people!
The ducks, well they are unique as far as we know. One didn’t start laying for about three months after we got them, and the other, six months. Although the same colour, I began to suspect one was male, by her/his behaviour. Then suddenly,she/he laid an egg! We enjoyed them for a couple of months or so, and then, nothing. And more nothing. I thought about giving them away, culling even. But eventually, I didn’t have the heart. They Were so engaging, so funny with their waddling. But at times, so stroppy! ‘We’ have a little routine, like the hens, that involves me shepherding them into their little hut. Except when the door blows to, or one decides, well, lets give him the run around shall we! That’s when they can run you ragged. Just like a silent movie with Charles Chaplin. Good entertainment for anyone watching.
But, oh Lordy, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Now, for my patience, one has decided to start laying again. Hence the ‘miracle’ egg. And we can look forward to baking with duck eggs again, unless….
Anyone thinking about keeping hens and ducks, let them check you out first!
Thanks for reading, till next time.
Love from me.

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Is this your ideal angel?


So what do angels look like? I believe they are neither male or female, and have no familiar shape. They can ‘appear’, if they appear at all, as something pleasing. Such as a human with wings!

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On the Wings of an Angel; of Daemons and Men.

The curious reader of my last blog might have noticed an incongruous point in the telling of the tale of Art’ur. The Lord of Brittaine was born of two mortals, and lives today! He lives in the Land of the Fae and the Elfin, a place of No-Time, so is essentially immortal too. This leads me on to a tale long remembered and loved by many. It is of Thomas the Rhymer and the Queen of Elfin Land. To read the whole story see Ellen Kushner’s book Thomas the Rhymer.
Thomas falls asleep under a tree. In a ‘dream’ he thinks he awakes in heaven, whereupon he sees a Queen of immense beauty. Except she is an Elfin Queen, come to visit him. Her beauty leads Thomas with her to Elfin Land, where he spends seven years in her service. When he returns to his earthly existence, Thomas finds only a few hours have passed. This is a favourite ballad of mine that means more than story to me. There is a striking resemblance between Thomas’s adventure and an out of body experience. Falling into a deep trance like state, Thomas could think he was dead and in heaven. The Elfin Queen tells him she is not of heaven, but of another existence. The ‘time’ in Elfin Land is no time. Subsequently when Thomas awakes, he has ‘lost’ only the time spent asleep. This is as it is with near death experiences.
Many people have had NDE’s. During my open heart surgery, my heart was stopped so that the surgeons could replace a defective aortic valve. After the operating team had finished with me, I went to the Intensive care unit. Two or three hours later, the surgeons were called back after I developed complications. During all this time I was not aware, of course, of any activity at all. Before that complication was ‘sorted’, Sue, my wife, had a bad feeling and went to see if things were OK. She was met by a nurse coming to tell her things were not OK. Eventually, I was sewn up again and back in the ICU. Looking back eight years, after wondering: had I had an NDE?, now I can say yes, sort of. A week ago, I was tweeting to my friends, sharing the love and joy we all feel when we ‘meet’. This went on for a while, when suddenly I had an amazing and intense feeling of utter joy and love within a beautiful glow. So hard to put into words, I could not explain it other than a glimpse of heavenly love. Had the twitting jolted my repressed memory of that NDE? Without doubt, for I also felt I had been given a chance to share my love with all Earth’s souls. Sounds incredible? Yes it is.
How many of us believe in angels? Yes, I do, and not only believe, experienced their work too. I have always been aware of my many fortunes in this journey we call life. Without realising, I have been listening to my guardian angel. When that realisation finally dawned, I watched for signs (I cannot hear a voice in my head, as some do). When a white dove suddenly appears where non have ever been seen before, you notice. When the devastating anxiety you feel over a particular issue eases and then disappears whilst the white dove is there, you know it’s not You! Then when the dove vanishes, never to be seen since, well, that is special. These signs are beyond rational. Then why do others not know of their guardian? Perhaps they aren’t listening or watching for signs; more probably, they do not believe.
Guardian angels are not a ‘new’ phenomena, they have been around for thousands of years. Spirits of the ancestors have guided their progeny in many cultures, since time began. Socrates believed he had daimonion (a Devine ‘something’) that frequently warned him, by voice, against mistakes, but never told him what to do. This is exactly what Lorna Byrne describes of angels in her books. Your guardian angel can communicate a warning but can never overstep your free will. They exist to guide us through life and remain with us in death.
But there is more to daemons than this. As I have said, a guardian can warn or advise but never tell you to do something. As with Faeries, if we choose to ignore their warning, then ‘things’ can go really pear shaped. The foolish may prefer to believe they have been ‘wronged’ some way. Would it seem natural for the foolish to believe these daemons actually demons? Whatever, the name stuck. Even within the Church of God. And that is a sad thing indeed.
Why oh why do we twist things round; why deny the good, in favour of the bad. Is it due to insecurity, the feeling that we are alone to the realities, the ‘horrors’ of life? Is it the fear of separation? We do not listen to our guides, or watch for their signs. We deny their existence as scientifically impossible, since there is no empirical evidence that will stand up ‘in court’. And we go on blundering about, in darkness.
Time then to turn back towards the Light. In This uncertain Reality we see with our eyes; we must start to see with our hearts. Therein is a much different world; one of Love and Light. A Love so pure, it is beyond sadness or fear. A light so beyond reasoning, it comforts and tenderly holds us with all the Joy of that Love. Never will you imagine such a feeling till you see ‘heaven’. And, when your time has come, all the way there, you will be carried on the Wings of an Angel.
Love and Light,

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Whoever we are, our aims are the same, No More War !


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A Magical Faery.


I have a good friend who understands Faeries and produces wonderful works.She is Liza Lambertini
( http://www.lizalambertini.com/ ). Maybe the closest you will get to these beautiful creatures is to
buy one of Liza’s prints. Love will flow from your heart.

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On the Wings of an Angel; The Faerie’s Story.

You will not believe in Faeries, very few people do. If you think that I do, you would be right. Am I right in the head? Maybe, but then, I have probably never been regarded as ‘normal’. So, what evidence will I put forward? Let me say first that Faery has featured for millennia in our language and sociology.
The word Faer, or Fae, though not recognised now (there is a modern phonetic alphabet called Faer, which, to me, looks Faery. No one has ever seen Faery language written) nevertheless is a basis for other words. Some background first: Faeries, or fairies, are non human ‘look alike’s’ that are popularly thought to exist in a different, but accessible, reality. Not in the imagination. Faeries have one distinguishing feature: their glowing aura, shallow and not overwhelming in any way. They are humanoid and immortal, may be much smaller than us, or larger. As we humans consider ourselves top of the evolutionary tree, so it is with Faeries, with The Elfin race an ancient relative. Both are discrete, living apart and only just acknowledging of the others existence. Bellow them, in the evolutionary tree on their ‘world’ are the Goblins and other nefarious creatures.
Faeries are found in many cultures, the world over. Fair Isle, and the Faroe Islands, I would speculate, were named by North Men in their honour. I should say, named not by popular choice, but through fear. Faeries have the power to grant us mortals what we desire, good or bad. Faeries don’t judge. If that desire fails to please because of our greed or ambitions, the Faery would be cursed by man. These ‘wronged’ humans corrupted their name. Faer became Fear, for that would be the advice of the ‘wronged’.
In places they were still revered; to be called Faer, or Fair, of face, as in Monday’s child, was, of course, a compliment. You would have a golden aura about you, and probably Fair hair. A Fair is a meeting of country and town’s people to share, buy or barter goods. Food would be called Fayre. But not only that, there would be occasion to celebrate too. Contemporary Fairs have Fairground ‘rides’. So, where’s the connection with the Faer. Well, for me, having Faeries nearby (they travel from one reality through a Vail, or curtain of energy unknown, to the other) would be seen by many as a blessing. Faeries had the power to ensure good crops, and thought by some to Be gods.
Faeries are still revered today by some. Pixies, Leprechauns, Banshee,Gnomes and Sylphs are all Faeries from different cultures.
Is it possible that the Fae have intertwined with some of our history, showing us the way? Well, I have to say yes. One of our most enigmatic Kings, Arthur, or Art’ur as I will call him, so impressed the Fae, they became part of the family. Not out of compassion, but out of self interest. The Fae desired a continued association with humans, a sort of symbiosis. And the At’urian peoples had a folk lore that could not be separated from the influence of the Fae. They worked well together, after the huge changes enforced on them by the Romans. This new era brought together the remains of several Celtic Nations from Abion, Caledonia and Hibernia. Lord, or King in modern parlance, Art’ur was responsible for uniting these great Nations, not for personal power (the Fae made sure of that by Art’ur’s supposed death) but for the future and good of his people (and the Fae).
Uth’ur Pendragon and Igrain, Art’ur’s parents were manipulated by Mer’Lyn, a half Fae ( like asses, half breeds are infertile). Mer’Lyn’s father was said to be a demon, but he just fell out of favour by jealous humans. Being of the Fae, Mer’Lyn is immortal, connected to the Fae home ‘world’. Igrain’s first husband, Duke Gorlois, was slain by Uth’ur in an unearthly passion of love for her, engineered by Mer’Lyn. Art’ur had a half sister, Morgan La Fae, she of the Fae face. Uth’ur sired Morgan by a Fae Queen, Lilith, who too was sent by Mer’Lyn. Mordred was Art’ur’s dreadfull brother, who wished the Kingdom for himself, plotting remorselessly until fate gave him his chance to slaughter his brother. But the outcome was not what Mordred expected. He expected to surprise Art’ur at Cad Camlan after Art’ur’s expeditionary force returned from France. But Morgan had the gift of second sight, foresaw the coming battle and sent Art’ur a dream of his betrayal at the hand of his younger brother. In the end Art’ur dealt a deathly blow, Mordred able to wound in retaliation, and the battle ended. Mordred was forgotten, but Art’ur was claimed by the Fae and lived the rest of his life in the company of Faeries. Mer’Lyn was thought to be trapped in the Crystal Cave of his birth, but, like Art’ur, student and mentor, both live to this day.
So, am I right in the head? I’ll leave you to decide.
Before I go, I’d like to thank three authors who have influenced my beliefs in God, or the Light of Love, or the One, which ever you chose.They are all one and the same. Carl Bozeman, http://www.spiritual-intuition.com/ . James Wilhelm, http://jamescwilhelm.com/ . Lorna Byrne, http://www.lornabyrne.com/ . I have read all of Lorna’s books, but to my shame, not James’ and Carl’s, yet.
Coming up: the last part of On the Wings of Angels, Of Daemon’s and Men; and Hen’s Teeth and the Ducks That Run You Ragged.

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The Last Faery.


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