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Fighting for strangers.

It is ages old, some say it’s part of us: inseparable. I say: not so. We may fight, defensively, to save ourselves and those we hold dear and even strangers in danger. But for queen and country? For a religious … Continue reading

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A Sad Lament

I Will Go. When the fighting is over. The fighting Is over! No More War.

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Slaughter at Culloden.

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A stranger in a Strange Land; the soldier’s tale.

It is said by the thinkers of my day that man can kill without thought, and yet will give his life to save that of even a stranger. Well, I can only say that, for me, I was forced to … Continue reading

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My Definition of Love.

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Odd discourses on, whatever!

DISCOURSE ONE. Can someone fall in love with an idea? That is a question I have been intrigued by for years. Now I can answer: yes. Three months ago, or so,I listened to a song on Face Book. I was … Continue reading

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Sue in the hens den, among the ducks.

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