A Magical Faery.


I have a good friend who understands Faeries and produces wonderful works.She is Liza Lambertini
( http://www.lizalambertini.com/ ). Maybe the closest you will get to these beautiful creatures is to
buy one of Liza’s prints. Love will flow from your heart.

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8 Responses to A Magical Faery.

  1. A beautiful painting, My friend believe it or not once saw a real faerie .. and I believed her, she was very intuitive and had wonderful mediumistic skills

    • I have seen two angels in my life, but not yet a Faery.Both looked human, were women and looked at me with a love I find hard to describe. They were not human, nor are Faeries of course. Could they be one and the same? I would like very much your opinion.
      My love to you,

      • No I do not think they are one and the same… Elemental’s are not angels, but another dimension within this one, which oversea the Plant Kingdom..

        Many reports of people ‘Seeing’ Very huge angelic type beings flying … And I have read also of invisable energy saving children from car-crashes as they were protected from harm..
        I had an experience whereby I heard a Voice, in my ear/head, as although Im a medium I do not HEAR external to me. only internally..
        I was driving to work along a road I knew well, a country lane early one summer morning.. along this road was a hair-pin bend.. and some way before I got to this bend a voice shouted in my ear SLOW DOWN, now I wasnt doing above the speed limit.. at first I ignored it.. only a few seconds worth..
        The Voice shouted again SLOW DOWN louder at the same time as my foot went to touch the break, the break peddle had already started to be depressed down and as a consequence I slowed down even faster than anticipated .. All the while I had been travelling further towards the hairpin bend in the road.. Just before reaching the bend. Coming around the bend in the opposite direction was a young man driving so fast he couldnt control his vehicle around the bend, He was on my side of the road..
        If I hadnt have heard that voice or the brakes of my car not been applied at the force they were.. I doubt I would be here telling my tale…
        YES I BELIEVE… πŸ™‚

      • Mmmm, yes I believe you are right about the Fae, and the Elfin. There was probably no doubt in Arthur Conan’s mind either. Pity all his contemporaries didn’t take him seriously. The young girl’s story, later retracted by the surviving one before her death, was real. Perhaps they all wanted to protect the Fae as I do. Yes I believe my Faery story, every word!

      • You have witnessed the true power of a guardian angel, Sue. I have read so many such true accounts, no one in their own mind could deny. Except a particle physicist!

      • Arrh well now, they are a species unto themselves LOL and you wouldn’t be referring to a well know professor would you? πŸ™‚

      • Yes, you know the one, I know! Jumped up….No, sorry. He is entitled to his own delusions, bless ‘im!
        We’ll keep on tellin’ ’em.

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